Event essentially is a space where attendees could communicate with each other comfortably without any difficulties.
“Universal Event” is not just special consideration for people with disability and senior people. It is taking into consideration for everybody beforehand in planning, construction and implementation. What kind of view point and considerations are necessary in order to achieve this?
What kind of new technology should we seek to develop?
We call events which everybody can participant “Universal Event”. Using the perspective of Universal Design, hearing various opinions from people with inconvenience, we search for the direction and implementation of the concept of Universal Event.
Gathering people who want to contribute to the community building of their area or street in this 21 century’s society, and studying together, through various kinds of activities, we contribute to the making of a social environment that deals with the low birth rate aging society.

Introduction to Activities

  • Universal Camp at Hachijo Island
  • Universal sports coordinator nurturing course
  • Universal Tourism
  • Add area activity in Universal Event
  • Others for universal design; training, lecture, publication, survey