universal camp

At Universal Camp, our aim is to popularize universal environment, through invoking the consciousness of “everybody living together vividly in the society” among our participants, and all members of society and make them apply into action, taking the perspective of diversity, regardless of age and disability.
To realize this aim, inside our camp, within the rich nature of Hachijo Island, participants experience inconveniences comparing with daily life. At the same time everybody realizes what they can or cannot do. Through the experience of everybody helping each other, our participants will achieve independence and self-discipline on the basis of equality and mutual respect. We are taking action as we hope to expand this circle.

4 main programs

Collaboration with curry

Photograph : Cooking together at “the Curry Competition” Photograph : “We did it! “, they show their curry & rice.

As everybody became friends, it is best to make things together. At opening, we hold cooking competition between groups named Colla-bo-de curry. Through working together for the first time, the spirit of teamwork gets deepened. Working with various friends with their own characteristics, we make curry together.

Diversity Communication

Photograph : The man in wheelchair is answering the question concerned with his daily life, at “Diversity Communication”.

To talk with and question various people with special characteristics is real communication experience. We could ask questions that are inappropriate to ask normally, as we became friends through the camp life, so as to understand each other’s special characteristics. Diversity can be experienced because whether with or without disability, if there are 100 people, there are 100 kinds of special characteristics.

Universal “Bon” Festival

Photograph : Dancing with Kimono that is Japanese tradition clothes at Bon-odori Festival. Photograph : Men are playing a Japanese traditional big drum at Bon-odori Festival.

As the number of times we held the event at the town of Hachijo Island increases, the number of participants is increasing as well. A town revitalization event is also getting attention. The remaining part of diversity communication is partying and joyful universal Lantern Festival dance. With Hachijo Island’s folk entertainment, delicious cuisine, plenty of drinks, the scene has always been grand.

Universal Sports

Photograph : A pair with wheelchair man is showing the “Universal Sports” that they are created. Photograph : Join the staff of the institution for special needs children of Hachijyo Island, at “Universal Sports”.

On the last day, what everybody has realized and gained will be brought to a conclusion to bind everything you learn firmly. We will be thinking together about sports which can be enjoyed by everybody without been hindered by disability or age. If all of us think together, the possible ideas we could generate is infinite.