universal sports

To nurture talented people who are able to promote universal sports which can be enjoyed no matter when and where and who participates.

Universal sports can be enjoyed together by anybody, regardless of gender, age, body condition, and nationality, etc… Through correspondence education,or short term training, we disseminate the training of people who are able to build clubs and achieve health and regional exchange through sports.

Sports that can be enjoyed by anybody,regardless of gender, age,body condition, etc…

Our sports are right in between competitive sports played by healthy young people and sports for disabled people represented by the Paralympics. Whether disabled or not,good at sports or not, everybody could participate together.Our aim is to not only achieve competitiveness, but also include recreation and communication.

To nurture talented people who are able to propose universal sports that can be participated by everybody

Photograph : Starting the Universal Tennis, players are two pair; one is a middle-aged man and a man of advanced age, and another is a young woman and a man in wheelchair. Photograph : Original ballgame with original rule. Photograph : They are enjoying original game with sitting on a chair or ground.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Base plan to promote sports” is planning to create integrated sports clubs which could provide sports environment that can be enjoyed by people from children to senior citizens, regardless of time and location all over the nation.From the view point of “Tunagu”(mianing of tie; link, join, etc…),currently it is essential to have universal sports coordinators who could function as “Tunagu” between people and sports,people and clubs.

Universal sports coordinator nurturing correspondence course

  • From the way of thinking to the way of practical implementation, we provide multifaceted learning of Universal Sports that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere, by anybody,regardless of gender, age, and body condition, etc…
  • In our course, you get to learn in depth the points to be concerned and pay attention to, and the support methods when senior citizens, disabled people, children and beginners are participating in sports.
  • We train people who are capable of participating actively in integrated regional sports clubs that are currently being planned nation-wide, and in various volunteer activities.

Details of the course

  • Supervisor Uchiyama Sanae
  • Study period 3 months
  • Video 1 Volume/ Text book 2 Volumes / Report submission 3 times
  • Course fee ¥29,400

Course materials

Photo : Textbooks of “Universal Sports Coordinator nurturing correspondence course” ※ Written Japanese materials only.